Victorian dining chairs reupholstered - commission

Wait for the end 😊 a soothing video that makes you laugh at the end? I love my 4 legged friends!

Southsea seafront: I am lucky to live by the sea in times like these

Southsea seafront: I am lucky to live by the sea in times like these!

Commission - restoration and reupholstered Victorian dining chairs - As COVID is tricky to deal with for buying supplies, I could not find any trim that matched the colour of the fabric, so I handmade one with twine I had that happened to be the same colour as the fabric!

Commission - upholstery of metal and wood stools

More cushions before the last market of the year!

Armchair reupholstered with scraps of fabric belonging to the customer and some of mine leftovers. An effective way to recycle fabric! 😊

Commission: returning an old oak French table back to youth! It took a few hours but the result is lovely and the wood looks like it’s breathing again! 😊

Cushions handmade and finished with rope embroidery. Any message can be written - this shows also the sofa that I have recovered as a commission.

Dining chairs reupholstered - commission

Check out my interview with the news !!

Commission: Reupholster chair

with customers’ own fabric made by her brother.


All of those were in Grace and Ivy who decided they would not sell furniture anymore in the bistro - Mirror sold - chairs £80 for the pair - dressing table and seat £120 instead of £240 - console table £100 instead of £220. Please send me an email or call if you are interested. My lovely assistant i

Commission - upcycled sideboard - top is sanded down, stained and waxed - bottom is hand painted and baskets sprayed.

Cat teepee - present made with upcycled wood from a cot frame, fabric reclaimed from old curtains and sewn by my daughter and I. Cushion reclaimed and covered with fluffy fabric. 😻

Captain seat

Upholstered coffee table with handmade Union Jack and finished with rope - £80

Starfish Baskets

Storage, collapsible baskets, upcycled and lined with reclaimed fabric. Opening system changed and finished with a star on top. For sale - 72cm (w) x 50cm (d) x 50cm (h) - £60 each


My last markets of 2019 will be on Saturday 14th December on Palmerston Rd with Love Southsea from 9am until 5pm and Saturday 21st December in Palmerston Rd again with Love Southsea from 9am until 5pm. Last chance to buy Christmas presents from me at the market! 😊😊 Looking forward you see as many

Parker Knoll reupholstered

Commission, the customer had curtains that he wanted to keep so what a great idea to reupholster his chair with them! Right up my street!

Chair restoration

Restored exploded chair seat - commission

When Victoria visits Provence

Restored Victorian chairs, upcycled and reupholstered using French linen from Provence. Finished with plated jute. For sale: 1 for £60 - pair for £100

Basket unit

Upcycled basket unit with reclaimed fabric lined baskets and little rope handles. Upholstered and finished with rope - Sold

Old chest

Old chest restored and upcycled. Sold

I found this chair in a shop that reopened after being closed for 35 yrs and they were throwing everything away!! Beautiful Victorian chair saved and finally upholstered with Seagulls and finished with rope 😊 - Sold

Sofa reupholstered

My 2nd sofa done! 😊😊

Reupholstered Parker Knoll for a customer.

Commission for a customer - recycled cot mattresses and made to measure as well as cushions on top.

Upcycled téléphone table - hand painted and handmade cushion for the seat - £45

Coffee beans bag and suede leather chair

Reupholstered- for sale £240

Steffen’s dad’s chair

Reupholstered chair-commission

Upcycled wine rack - Sold

You can find and use and buy my furniture from Grace and Ivy bistro in Marmion Rd- Southsea! Go and check it out! 😊

Upcycled Demi-lune table, hand painted whale on top - Sold

New boards - £15 each

Van back seat - handmade with waterproof fabric and octopus painted on. Commission

Reupholstered chair from burnt leather to soft soft corduroy! Commission

Restored and upcycled mirror - £155

Upcycled dressing table and stool. £ 240

You can now find my little pied à terre in Chandlers Ford in The Picture Framing shop - 56-66 Hiltingbury Rd, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 5SS. I am so happy to have a corner in this really lovely shop! Go and check it out! 😊😊

Rope coffee table - upcycled coffee table, hand painted and varnished. £35

Coffee beans bag bags

Coffee beans bag bags - recycled coffee beans bags into handbags £25 each

Upcycled cake stand unsung rope. Ceramic stand and glass cloche. £25

Eat Me cheese board / cake stand - handmade using leftover wood worktop and made to size of this handmade vintage glass cloche. Engraved ‘Eat me’ to celebrate Alice in wonderland. £40

MP chair: reupholstered authentic Parker Knoll chair using high quality French linen and hand embroi

And another...

Another one

Beach picnic baskets - upcycled basket so you can have a beach picnic wherever and whenever. It comes with sand, shells, paper plates and straws... a nice little idea for Xmas!!!! Sold

My new professional hoodie 😊😊😊

Commission - reupholstery of those chairs and a stool

Chair cover learning

Different stages of my learning curve!

Commission - Chair slip cover. My customers are wonderful. This lady wanted this chair properly covered and not reupholstered. I told her that I had never done it before and I could do it as training for a very low price! She gave me the chance to practice and bought the material (not cheap!!). Pressure is on, this isn’t an easy thing to do!!! It’s not perfect to my eyes and I now know where my mistakes laid but she was very happy with it!! 😅 phew!

More jewellery

These are braided by hand using jute or faux leather thin thread. The charms are mostly sliver tone apart from the tails. £12 - £15 range.

I have restarted to make jewellery! These are pieces of my lilac tree that has dried for a couple of years and hand painted. The chains are sliver tone. £4 each

Commission - customer challenged me as she wanted a ticking fabric but wanted the seat waterproof. I have found a way to waterproof it with a spray. This is the result in her house. 😊

The customer sent me this picture of the sofas in her living room! How pretty!! 😊😊

Commission done - pallets on feet and 4 French mattresses seats

Commission on the way - 2 sofas-pallets.

After - upcycled console table. Driftwood effect top, hand painted in grey, knobs changed and drawers lined with wallpaper - for sale £120


French mattress cushions - every size is possible, send me an email with dimensions and I’ll make it for you. Handmade.

Another one in the making

After - found in the street, I repaired it, painted it and gave a little French ‘je ne sais quoi’. For sale, £50.


After: Memories of Southsea box: repaired, upcycled and hand painted. Finished with wax - Sold


Commission after - new service available: Have you ever wanted a piece of furniture but never quite found it to your tastes, let me know the measurements of the space you have and I will hunt it, upcycle it or modify it to your tastes and deliver it for you. Send me an email and I’ll start hunting 😊😊

Commission: before

Small baskets unit - upcycled and vision transformed - Sold

Upcycled wall unit- handmade, I painted it and waxed the wood. For sale: £65



Commission: Chaise lounge restoration and reupholstered.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Captain cabin seat - upcycled coffee table and upholstery. For sale £60


Treasure crates are back. Another 3 to make. £40 each

Commission: chairs revamp.


Sofa revamp - commission

From leather to fushia 😊

Upcycled and restored small table- Sold


Another lamp, handmade and for sale £55

Small driftwood chairs - upcycled small antique chairs with French fabric and finished with ribbon bows. £100 for the pair £60 per chair


Pair of driftwood chairs - £100/pair

Pallet on feet and french mattress cushions on top. Pallet and cushions for sale. £95

Commission: Foot stool for a loved grand-father’s memory.

Commission: 2 curtains, boat style.

Laundry basket - Sold

All done - Sold

Restored doorway - commission.


Commission: updated foot stool


Restored 1850’s sea chest. Ongoing project.


Lighthouse lamp - handmade using reclaimed wood, 1/2 Demi-John found in the street and vintage bulb. Rope inside the glass. Sold

Commission: reupholstering an authentic 1960’s chair the traditional way.


Macramé magnum lamp - handmade- £40

Scallop lamp. Handmade using old Demi-John and fishing net finish. For sale - £50

Market on Palmerston Rd

Treasure crates: upcycled apple crates upholstered and finished with rope. Sold

High wool quality blanket - hand knitted very high quality vegan wool blanket with cable knit effect. 210cm x 80cm very big! £140

High quality wool blanket- huge blanket hand knitted using very high quality vegan wool. 130cm x 180cm - Sold

Commission: coffee table with storage transformed into a footstool.

Commission finished

Commission - work in progress.


Handmade mattress for bay window.


Handmade wardrobe

Making of the wardrobe - Homage to Dick Dale with the music.

The Seaside at the End of the Lane coffee table - hand painted little coffee table £40

Kitchen revamp in France. Large job for 5 days only, but very rewarding! Before:

Kitchen revamp: After

Curtains Valence style. Brise-Bise handmade using fine quality fabric I had. Finished with clay stars and rope. Sold

Handmade embroidered cushions- entirely handmade with calico fabric and embroidered. £25 per cushion - £40 for 2 - £55 for 3

Commission: large shoe cabinet - entirely handmade using reclaimed wood and fabric. A happy customer!

Beach baskets - Entirely handmade using reclaimed fabric and finished with handmade clay star. For sale - 1 for £7 or 2 for £10. 7 left.


Love shelving unit - made out of reclaimed pine and oak. Hand painted and glass hearts encased - £55

Scallop shelving unit - made out of reclaimed wood, chicken wire and reclaimed hooks. It can be used for jewellery hanging or postcard/keys... £45

Light blue/grey ladder - upcycled from a handmade ladder. Hand painted. £40

Washed blue ladder - upcycled from a handmade ladder. £40

Driftwood ladder - upcycled from a handmade ladder. Driftwood effect. £40 - Sold

Heavy Metal Carp - Reclaimed wood - cleaned and original patina saved. Rope added and hand painted. £20 - Sold

Handmade fabric wool cushions- 1 for £20 - 2 for £30 - 3 for £40

100% merino wool cushions - handmade using very high quality wool. 1 for £25 - 2 for £30

Every piece I make has a little story: this screen was made out of a police station door frame in mahogany dated from the 70’s. It was inspired by my new hairdresser who said he’d love to see people walking without them to see him! Handmade frame and faux-finished in a distressed style. Handmade embroidered designs and handmade fish netting. For sale. £120

Commission: upcycled chest. Hand painted and handles added.


Commission: upcycled children’s desk into a dressing table.

Sewing lamp - made with reclaimed wood and wool - the scissors were given to me by a friend of my husband who is clearing his grandfather’s house. He was an engineer who was hoarding tools and wood... £50

The measurements are 74cm high by 50cm wide. It is huge!!

Savon de Marseille boxes - upcycled boxes and upholstered, finished with rope and hand painted. 1 box £40 - both for £70


Driftwood mirror - made out of a Georgian sideboard unit that couldn’t be saved. £60

Driftwood console table - restored, faux finished and handles changed. £70 dimensions are 70cm long by 40cm large by 70cm height


Love beach wreath - made with reclaimed wood, rope and fabric. £15 Sold

I’ll be participating to this Market this Saturday 8th December.

Seaside mirrors. Made with reclaimed wood. Fish and boat £20 - Seahorse £25 All sold

‘58’ Driftwood basket. Upcycled, painted and lined with fabric. Sold

Commission: Upcycled laundry basket, upholstered and finished with rope.


Driftwood coffee table - restored and cleaned up - faux-finished as driftwood and waxed - £65 Sold

Wine carriers - Fully handmade with reclaimed wood, hand painted and finished with rope - £20 each



Holiday signs - made with pallet wood and hand painted. Finished with rope - £4 each

Beach stool - Handmade using reclaimed wood and leftover fabric. Feet made with reclaimed wood. Sold

Driftwood trunk - upcycled and restored - French mattress pillow is handmade with leftover ticking and a cot bed mattress. Sold


Anchor trunk/chest/toy box - Upcycled and restored. Hand painted anchor. Upholstered with handmade patchwork and finished with twisted rope. Sold

I also added platted rope handles


Small Beach Hut Stool - Upcycled and upholstered using traditional methods - Sold

Beach quilt - Upcycled throw 220cm x 240cm - Huge. Each square is drawn by hand. £120

Another beach wreath - Sold

Pebbles mirror - Sold

Pebble mirror - commission for a client. Can be made to order.

Anchor crate - Upcycled £10 - Sold

Sailing mirror - made out of reclaimed wood. £30


More boards sold


Anchor chest - Upcycled and upholstered - £50. Sold


Today was soap making day! The dark blue ones (not so dark) are Orange Blossom and Rose, they are scrub bars with Himalayan Pink salt. The white ones are Vanilla and Himalayan salt. The baby blue ones are with J’adore Fragrance Oil and Himalayan Salt. They are Shea butter based and mostly for the body rather than the face. £2 each.

Three more 😊sold

Another one finished today - Sold

Finished my beach nursing chairs- Sold

Decorative surf boards - made out of reclaimed wood and hand painted. Sold

Catch of the day lamp. Made out of reclaimed wood, chicken wire and rope. It is very big: 63cm high and 50cm large (including shade) £50 - Sold

Small tea light boats-£5 each

Beach footstool - made with reclaimed wood and upholstered. Sold


Beach wreath - handmade with Southsea shells - Sold


Beach nursing chairs - Victorian style frames, upcycled and upholstered from bare using traditional methods - Sold - The quilt on top is made out of 100% merino wool and arm knitted- £75


Cable reel table - I like the natural look - Heavily sanded and treated - Succulent added and part of it now - £30 Sold

Authentic James Reilly chairs dated 1877-1879 - Restored using old methods - reupholstered and embroidery of bee as symbol of Manchester where the chairs come from - Sold


Union Jack chairs - Re-upholstered and cleaned - handmade flags - Sold


Beach chair - Upcycled and upholstered - £80 - Sold


Southsea Paddle Club paddles. Completely handmade out of pallets and reclaimed wood. Only 2 left. £20 each - £30 for the pair

Pallet wood used.

Collector box - Restored and cleaned. Complete repair of the doors and added compartments- Sold

Before - I have now learned that this is a Victorian trophy display cabinet! A lovely man gave me the history of the cabinet during the market in Southampton! So nice to know!!!


Country style sideboard with red sunset on the top 😊 Sold


Beach piano stool in grey £50 Sold

Small life buoy mirror £20 - Donated to the Christmas Covers event raffle in the Wedgewood Rooms on the 27/12/2018.

Beach hut shelves £25

Beach piano stool £40 - Sold

Beach bedside table - £30. Sold. Small boat tea light holders £7/each

Beach chair - Upcycled and upholstered. £70 Sold

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Welcome! I am Marie, French artist from Provence living in Southsea for 20yrs now, with a degree in Restoration and Decorative Studies. I make furniture out of pallets, I restore, I upholster, I paint, I sew, I embroider... I do whatever I can to save wood and wooden furniture from being chucked away! I love living by the seaside and I translate it in everything I do!